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Get Ready for 2023 with what you’ve learned from 2022 Black Friday and Singles Day

December 15 2022

With the frenzy of customers, busy checkout lines, and orders pouring in, November hosts two of the most exciting sales events of the year. The shopping craze arpund black friday[…]

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Product Search
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How is Visual Product Search Empowering Shoppers in India

November 10 2022

Visual product search technology has changed the shopping experience across the globe. Its applications—such as augmented reality and product recommendations—have made finding the perfect product easier for shoppers. As AI[…]

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Cookieless Future
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How Can Ecommerce Brands Prepare for a Cookieless Future

September 01 2022

Cookies remember what you do on a website. They’re how sites show you ads similar to products you search for.  Ecommerce businesses love cookies for this reason—but they’re not sticking[…]

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Brands Taking Product Discovery to The Next Level
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Product Discovery: 5 Brands Taking It to The Next Level

July 21 2022

Ecommerce stores with endless options overwhelm shoppers. Customers want a minimal lift when buying products online. But, unlike brick-and-mortar stores, they can’t approach sales associates to help them along the[…]

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product recommendation engine
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AI-powered Product Recommendation Engine that Drives Sales [3 Types]

November 11 2021

Artificial intelligence (AI) is getting more style-savvy every day. It’s transforming digital merchandising by offering retailers and their customers strategic, style-driven product recommendations. But how do AI-powered product recommendation engine[…]

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Visual Recommendations article

Visual recommendations inspire and simplify decision-making for fashion shoppers!

July 29 2020

Overview: The future of online fashion shopping will be driven by highly engaging visual experiences that are curated to an individual’s taste! Convenience will always remain the key factor for[…]

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shopping search engine
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Shopping Search Engines: Applying Computer Vision in Retail

June 22 2020

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, recently announced the launch of their new shopping initiative, Facebook Shops. He also talked about the advanced AI technology that powers their new shopping experiences (link). […]

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personalized shopping
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Personalized Shopping: How Visual Search has transformed the experience

March 21 2019

A new customer shops at your online store. Do you know how they got there? A few years ago, the obvious answer may have been an ad or a friend’s[…]

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