One unified source of data, powering the Discovery Suite

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Easily integrated with your ecommerce ecosystem

Catalog Manager seamlessly integrates with your existing tools to create a centralized source of information. Any updates you make are automatically reflected in the Discovery Suite in real-time.

  • Ecommerce platform
  • Product information management system
  • Digital asset management platforms
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Mapped to your data architecture

From basic product information to multimedia assets, your catalog data looks and feels exactly like it should. With just a few clicks, Catalog Manager can be tailored to your precise requirements.

Diagram of a blue striped shirt representing Catalog Manager data including: SKUs, Descriptions, Brand, Attributes, Inventory figures, Price data, Materials, Place of manufature, Image files

Strengthens all other capabilities 

Catalog Manager is an integral part of the ViSenze Discovery Suite:

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Underpins Smart Analytics for advanced customer and catalog insights.

Magnfying glass icon representing Smart Search and Smart Recommendations

Fuels Smart Search and Smart Recommendations for enhanced product discoverability.

Plus symbol icons representing Catalog Enrichment

Captures and stores data generated by Catalog Enrichment.

Bar chart and tshirt icon representing Catalog Enrichment and Smart Search

Works with Catalog Enrichment and Smart Search together to run sophisticated side-by-side comparisons with competitor catalogs.

Choose a smarter catalog management system with the ViSenze Discovery Suite

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Boosting product discoverability and building greater catalog intelligence requires a sturdy foundation.

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