New Session-Based Personalized Recommendations

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Session-based Recommendations allow Personalization with More Privacy for Shoppers

ViSenze, the leading product discovery platform, announced today a new personalized ecommerce product recommendations as part of their Discovery Suite. ViSenze’s Session-Based Recommendations, now enables retailers to provide a personalized experience to shoppers without the need to collect personal data such as gender, age, and location.

These recommendations are based on website interactions and drive personalized experiences for all shoppers, including non-logged-in and first-time visitors. Combined with ViSenze’s Visually Similar, Complete the Look, and Shop the Look recommendations, consumers can now enjoy a shopping experience that matches their intent.

“With these real-time personalizations, retailers can serve recommendations that better match their visitor’s current mission. With this technology, retailers do not need to collect user’s personal data and respect the growing concerns consumers have on their data privacy,” said ViSenze Head of Product, Diogo Quintas.

Personalization has been a proven retail strategy, but these rely heavily on using privacy-intrusive personal data, which puts consumers and retailers at odds. Also, traditional recommendation engines often rely upon long-term user profiles or lifetime user behavior, which limits providing relevant recommendations to first-time and early-visit users and when acquiring new users.

According to Gartner: “Customers expect to be recognized and want their experiences personalized; however, companies often operate under the misconception that personalization and privacy are conflicting efforts.”

Using ViSenze’s advanced AI/ML platform, merchants can now make intelligent and accurate recommendations based on on-site actions alone. The data remains safe, and retailers can comply with stricter consumer privacy laws.

“Personalization is becoming more important for shoppers. So is privacy and ensuring trust in user data collection. Our solution balances personalization and privacy by giving retailers a new ability to offer unique and relevant recommendations to shoppers based on their sessions.” said ViSenze CEO and Co-Founder Oliver Tan.

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