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Google Cloud Vision API and its impact on the image recognition industry - an interview with Guangda Li, Co-founder & CTO at ViSenze

Posted by ViSenze 08-December-2015

This article features an interview with our Co-Founder & CTO that was originally published on Kaptur Magazine on 4th Dec 2015. 

Google has recently launched its Cloud Vision API, making it easier for companies to build all sorts of applications using its image recognition. Even more, Google is offering it for free to begin with. This puts the whole image recognition industry into a different

Making images shoppable with visual search

Posted by Oliver Tan 26-November-2015

This article written by Oliver Tan, Co-Founder and CEO at ViSenze, was originally published on CampaignAsia on 13th November 2015.  The world of “Buyable Pins” and “Shop Now” buttons just got more exciting this week with social discovery engine, Pinterest, announcing their new “crazy-fun” visual search.

Years after visual search was implemented in ecommerce, this visual commerce feature

Flipkart pushes the limits of mobile web shopping with Flipkart Lite

Posted by ViSenze 26-November-2015

Like “athleisure” fashion or salted caramel, Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart’s new mobile website is a boon to consumers as it offers the best of two worlds. Called Flipkart Lite, the site combines the rivalling realms of mobile apps and the mobile web. Launched on 9th November 2015 and heralded as the first of its kind in the world, the site gives an app-like shopping experience without

3 ecommerce solutions to make your business stand out in 2016

Posted by Adelina Peltea 17-November-2015

The ecommerce industry is getting hotter and hotter. In the last 5 years, investors poured into it $30.3 billion, out of which a third happened in 2014 alone, according to CBinsights. That means the competition between ecommerce businesses is fierce. Hence every player is on the lookout for ecommerce solutions to make the business stand out and get ahead of competition in other ways than

Future-proofing e-commerce apps

Posted by ViSenze 09-November-2015

Following our previous blog post on the ongoing debate between the mobile web and mobile app - and how this battle is going obsolete in 2016, Will Lindemann, Director of Growth at Branch Metrics has contributed this guest post on how to utilize innovative mobile technologies to reap massive rewards for your organization.


For shopping companies and lifestyle brands, the days of “betting on

How to evaluate visual search technology providers for an e-commerce business

Posted by ViSenze 02-November-2015

A Guide To Avoid Disappointment

With visual search as a gleaming new, promising and innovative technology, we understand that evaluating different providers can be an overwhelming task.

Having helped top e-commerce players in Asia such as Flipkart, Patsnap, Caratlane, Zalora, and Lazada implement visual search technology to their platforms, we understand the kind of questions you have when it

The ROI of using visual search technology for e-commerce

Posted by ViSenze 02-November-2015

You’ve heard about the Loch Ness Monster, right? Or of any other cryptids or mythical creatures - say, the Big Foot, the Kraken, mermaids? Now, measuring the ROI (return on investment) for the implementation of a new technology for your company may seem like one of these creatures - stuff that everyone talks about but no one has ever captured successfully.

Visual search technology: Why should retailers care?

Posted by ViSenze 02-November-2015

2014 was an exciting year in retail. Worldwide, sales hit a record high of $22 trillion. Omnichannel retailing became the norm, the mobile wallet was on the rise, retailers recognized the importance of and started leveraging on Big Data, and brands went after huge opportunities in emerging markets such as Brazil, China and India.

6 Things about visual search technology all ecommerce Product Managers need to know

Posted by ViSenze 02-November-2015

Welcome to the wonderful world of visual search technologyIf you think you’re in need of a crash course on what visual search technology is, its various capabilities and use cases, benefits and more, you’ll be in for a nice surprise. This introductory guide is exactly what you need to know about the software and how to implement it onto your e-commerce platform.

ViSenze visual search vs. Google image search: 5 Myths to debunk

Posted by ViSenze 02-November-2015

At ViSenze, we get this question a lot: “How is your visual search technology different from what Google is doing?”In fact, we were asked that so often that we have decided to respond with this article.

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