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Unconvinced by color of the dress? See what image recognition algorithms see!

Posted by Oliver Tan 03-March-2015

The raging social media debate on a simple bodycon dress has polarized the Internet. One poll had 69% of respondents seeing white and gold, with the rest seeing mostly black and blue.

A milestone year for Singapore’s ViSenze

Posted by ViSenze 28-November-2014

It’s turning out to be a good year for ViSenze, a visual recognition solutions startup founded in Singapore as a technology spin-off from the National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2012.

At the recent 2014 National Infocomm Awards (NIA), the company emerged as the 1st Runner Up winner in the Most Innovative Infocomm Product/ Solution category for its flagship visual search technology.

ViSenze’s CTO Li Guangda makes EmTech Singapore’s 2015 Innovators Under 35 Regional List

Posted by ViSenze 19-November-2014

EmTech Singapore has announced the 10 regional finalists from Southeast Asia and Australia/New Zealand that are now eligible for consideration on the 15th annual MIT Technology Review magazine’s 35 Innovators Under 35 list, due in October 2015.

Techventure 2014: Shopping for the next big idea

Posted by ViSenze 17-November-2014

More than 120 exhibitors from Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, Chile, Thailand and the US showcased their innovations at Techventure 2014. These start-ups came from the biomedical technology, energy and utilities, advanced manufacturing and engineering, and infocomm technology sectors.

ViSenze - A success story of NUS Enterprise

Posted by ViSenze 29-October-2014

Founded in 2012 by Roger Yuen, Oliver Tan, Chua Tat-Seng and Li Guangda, ViSenze is the successful story of NUS computer scientists and web entrepreneurs solving real-world problems through the innovative application of NUS technology.

Disrupt: Entrepreneurship a brutal journey indeed

Posted by ViSenze 25-September-2014

The entrepreneurship journey is never easy and requires certain types of personality and select ingredients for success.

Innovate Forum speakers share advice for tech start-ups

Posted by ViSenze 17-September-2014

In today's world of technology, for a start-up company to have a chance at success it is imperative to know what it is trying to achieve with its technology, who they are helping and how they can differentiate themselves from the competition.

Innovate Forum highlights technology and entrepreneurship

Posted by ViSenze 17-September-2014

Technology and entrepreneurship took centre stage as the iCentre held the latest in its series of Innovate Forums yesterday.

‘Internet of things’ new business trend

Posted by ViSenze 17-September-2014

Entrepreneurs must learn to navigate through the emergence of new technologies in order to seize market opportunities.

Rakuten just launched a $100M fund for startups

Posted by ViSenze 30-June-2014

As Alibaba prepares for its IPO and Tencent aggressively pushes its WeChat messenger all over the world, it’s easy for folks in the west to forget that there’s another Asian internet giant gunning for a broader global presence – Japan’s Rakuten.

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