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Has deep learning come to a dead end?

Posted by ViSenze 28-August-2015

Deep learning and its small window of innovation

Just a number of weeks ago, Li Deng, a lead deep learning expert at Microsoft Research, expressedhis views on the narrowing innovation gap with regards to deep learning.

Deng is very confident that the low-hanging fruit for progress in deep neural networks has been picked and that for the next couple of years, refinement of neural networks and

ViSenze at eTail East: Transforming retail with innovation

Posted by ViSenze 13-August-2015

It's our first time participating in eTail East, held in Boston from 10-13 August 2015, and so far, it has been a blast!

This event for e-commerce and multi channel retailers offers exciting keynote presentations, exhibitions, networking sessions and interactive workshops - all with a sole purpose in mind: to help transform the retail scene. Together.

Study shows e-commerce platforms shouldn’t simplify their search experience - say what?

Posted by ViSenze 13-August-2015

E-commerce players are pumped to find the best personalisation solution and search bar experience.

Using machine learning algorithms to identify buying patterns and make recommendations, uploading images as search queries instead of keywords to make search more efficient - they are all the latest cravings in the e-commerce industry, with use cases pioneered by Amazon, Taobao, Flipkart and more.

China is a crystal ball for Southeast Asia: Experts

Posted by ViSenze 24-June-2015

Massive investments flowing into China is leading to innovation and new experimentation in the country, says ViSenze’s Oliver Tan at Echelon Asia Summit 2015.

He was part of a panel discussion on the evolution of e-commerce companies in Asia, on day one of Echelon Asia Summit 2015.

Echelon 2015: E-commerce has revolutionised the way we live

Posted by ViSenze 15-June-2015

Powered by the rapid proliferation of internet access in the last 30 years, e-commerce has shaken the foundations of the centuries-old industries of trade and commerce, changing the way we discover, market, buy and sell our goods and services.

ViSenze participates in CommunicAsia 2015, conducts "The Dress Challenge" experiment

Posted by ViSenze 08-June-2015

The ViSenze team had fun at CommunicAsia 2015, where we were part of the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (iDA) booth, displaying our visual technological solutions that will propel Singapore towards its Smart Nation goal.

10 Questions to a founder: ViSenze

Posted by Clara Lu 11-May-2015

According to a study made in the UK, 40% of people under 35s said they have used their mobile device to take a picture of a specific item on the street to buy once they get home.

Join us for a week of APIs from 15 to 21 March!

Posted by ViSenze 12-March-2015

ViSenze is excited to be opening up our APIs at the Smart Nation API coLAB, organised jointly by Padang & Co and DEXTRA. The coLAB, from 15 to 21 March, is a whole week of exciting API-related activities!

Best practices: Visual search Insert Status APIs

Posted by Guangda Li 10-March-2015

In our previous blog post, we announced the launch of a new feature in our visual search Data API - detailed error reporting for the failed insertion of images. With the introduction of this Data Insert Status API (/insert/status), we'd also like to share some tips for using it.

Singapore startups stretching their wings in the US

Posted by ViSenze 09-March-2015

Singapore startups looking for a place to call their home while still having the opportunity to venture into the US market can do so now at the Blk 71 San Francisco.

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