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Viewers to buyers: 3 ways to optimize your videos for conversion

Posted by ViSenze 12-February-2016

Video commerce - the practice of using video content to promote, sell and support products or services online - is becoming a bigger and bigger part of consumers' purchase journeys. Nowadays, the play button is the most compelling call-to-action on the web. In fact, research has found that 50% of online video was accountable for 50% of all mobile traffic, and internet networking giant Cisco

Machine learning for e-commerce: Awesome or hype?

Posted by ViSenze 10-February-2016

It’s hard to think that machine learning (the current buzzword in science and tech) can be applied to the world of e-commerce. For those unfamiliar with this term: Machine learning explores the study and construction of algorithms that can learn from and make predictions based on data. These algorithms are able to model complex relationships between inputs and outputs, and to find patterns in

Fewer clicks, higher sales: Shorten your ecommerce buying process

Posted by ViSenze 04-February-2016

The ecommerce industry continues to progress further with the rapid development of technology, but there are some age-old barriers that retailers need to overcome. A major finding in this Business Insider report asserts that approximately $4 trillion worth of merchandise were abandoned in online shopping carts in 2014, and about 63% of that is potentially recoverable by savvy online retailers.

4 Ways to lead the buyer’s journey with user-generated content

Posted by ViSenze 27-January-2016

Recent e-commerce trends have cemented the fact that the buyer’s journey has transformed from a passive, linear process to an interactive adventure for online customers, aptly referred to as the age of the consumer.

Whereas the buyer’s journey used to be dictated by brands before, consumers are now taking control of their personalized purchasing cycle. With billions of online users immersed in

4 Solid facts on how men shop for fashion online

Posted by ViSenze 15-January-2016

It's no news online shopping is a popular sport for both men and women. However, men have been surpassing women when making purchases on the Web (surprise surprise)! In fact, according to a CNBC report, men tend to outspend the ladies by 20 to 30 percent per transaction, and it’s not music or gadgets that are leading the online shopping trend for men; rather, it’s menswear and accessories that

Visual search just got smarter: Introducing our Automatic Object Recognition feature

Posted by ViSenze 11-January-2016

With our newly launched Automatic Object Recognition feature, your users no longer have to crop an image query to focus on an item within the image, or manually select the product category in which to search.

E-commerce in India - pushing the boundaries of technology innovation

Posted by ViSenze 08-January-2016

With 2016 projections of 67% year-on-year growth in e-commerce revenues and 11% year-on-year growth in number of mobile internet users, India is one of the hottest e-commerce markets at the moment. As ViSenze is working with renowned e-commerce players in India like Flipkart, Caratlane, Bluestone and Roposo, we’ve asked our Business Development colleagues, Vasanth Raju and Raj Sawhney, to help

Jewelry e-commerce learning points from India's leaders Caratlane and Bluestone

Posted by ViSenze 06-January-2016

With a global growing jewelry market expected to reach a total of $272B in sales by 2020, and customers more and more comfortable with online shopping even for big ticket purchases, jewelry e-commerce is starting to shine on like never before.

Three tech trends propelling London fashion tech startups to the top

Posted by ViSenze 28-December-2015

London, one of the world’s Big Four fashion capitals, is getting more and more renowned for its successful fashion tech startup scene. And it fully deserves its geek-chic crown.

En vogue companies like Asos, Farfetch, Net A Porter, Lyst and Thread, all born and bred in London, have proven that success comes from adopting tech innovation that leads to great user experience.

Going visual: The new way to optimize e-commerce onsite search

Posted by ViSenze 23-December-2015

As your e-commerce site or mobile app steadily gain visitors, an important question you need to answer at this point is:

How can you bridge the gap between your customers and the products you present?

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